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Rescue A Book

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This Project reaches out to Non-Profit Organizations. Once books are donated to Rescue A Book, they are sorted out and boxed together based on the organization they are going to.The goal is to reach out to as many organizations as possible, while providing a place for people to recycle their already used books. 

Donate your gently used/new books. 

(Kids to adults all ages accepted.)
No encyclopedias, maps, or magazines please.


the Books

" I thought that books shouldn't go to waste and should be recycled."
" There are plenty of places where you can donate money, food, clothes and even   toys, but there are really isn't a place for books."
" Keep picking up the donations and pass o​n literature to a new audience."
"Promote Literacy through Book Donations."
" Without other people's help it wouldn't function at all..."
" I have collected, sorted and donated over 6700 books."
" I want to expand it more, 100,000 books donated, maybe 200,0​00."
"Find something you’re interested in and stick with it. I did it and I was surprised at how rewarding it was"