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" I thought that books shouldn't go to waste and should be recycled."
" There are plenty of places where you can donate money, food, clothes and even   toys, but there are really isn't a place for books."
" Keep picking up the donations and pass o​n literature to a new audience."
"Promote Literacy through Book Donations."
" Without other people's help it wouldn't function at all..."
" I have collected, sorted and donated over 8,000 books."
" I want to expand it more, 100,000 books donated, maybe 200,0​00."
"Find something you’re interested in and stick with it. I did it and I was surprised at how rewarding it was"


This project reaches out to non-profit organizations. Once books are donated to Rescue A Book, they are sorted and boxed together based on the organization they are going to. The goal is to reach out to as many organizations as possible, while providing a place for people to recycle their already used books.

After 4 years, through Rescue A Book, I’ve donated over 8,000 books to more than 40 nonprofits. Unfortunately at the moment I’m not collecting books to donate. However you can still make an impact and recycle your used books. Please refer to the “Donations Made To” page to see non-profits that have accepted books in the past in the general Los Angeles area. I encourage you to get in contact with a similar organization close to you! 

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